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I am commonly known as the writer of Shadow Silverleaf and the creator of the Silverleaf clan as well as many other families and characters most who call the Plane of Arlsyn home which is a Scroll that can be found in the Fantasy Genre. I’m one of the ‘old hats’ or founding members of Bardic Web and a MasterBard.

I’ve been roundtable writing and role playing since 1997 originally starting out in a email based ‘game’ that was discontinued when the creator’s real life struck. Arlsyn came about as a necessity of needing a place for my characters to call home and has grown from there. The idea of it being a land of gates came from the necessity of explaining why Shadow would be on a different world and from there it grew.

Admittedly I focus more on the stories than role-playing simply for the reason that I can never seem to keep up with role playing and my mind quickly ceases to function. I’ve enjoyed helping others in the stories they create for their own Scrolls and have, finally, begun creating adventures for Arlsyn with the help of some wonderful writers.

In my ‘spare time’ I maintain the Family Trees for the BW characters and families and do a few sketches and graphics that can be found on Bardic Web as well as deviantART.

The links on this page will take you to Bardic Web, the Scroll I own, the website dedicated to the characters that I write as well as tidbits of things that come up along the way when ever I remember to update.


Latest Works

Book Title

The Cracked Mirror - Through the Glass: First Book of The Cracked Mirror Duology Your fate is decided by the choices you have made, and very few ever have the chance to see the consequences if just one decision had been different. Lives, Kingdoms, Planets, even Galaxies may hang in the balance, and who knows what lies on the other side of the Cracked Mirror.

Book Title

The Cracked Mirror - Warped Reflection: Second Book of the Cracked Mirror Duology The second installment follows the ongoing trials and tribulations of Y'Roden in an alternate dimension. Trapped in the body of his alter ego, the Demon Emperor, Ro continues to fight his dark urges. Ghetsuhm follows the path of logic in the quest to bring her husband back to their home dimension.


Stories of Arlsyn

‘Slumbering Waters’: set in the present time, it follows the kidnapping of Sparrow Silverleaf and the unusual coma that has fallen over the city of Sha’dar

Main Character

Shadow Silverleaf

My Character Diaries

Shadow Silverleaf